2013 Memorial Day Weekend Media Sale


2013 Memorial Day Sale It’s time to spring clean and sort out your collections of books, DVD’s, VHS tapes and music CD’s. Take all your used media to The Art and Nature Center on Friday afternoon, May 24, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Then stay and shop, or come back on Saturday morning, May 25, from 9:00 until noon and shop our total collection of donated items for your entertainment enjoyment in the months ahead!

If you need help to get your items to the ANC, call Barb O’Connell, 847-2436 or Laura Waldron, 847-2657 for pick up.

All items that aren’t sold this weekend, will be sold from a table during the summer. Last year we were able to sell almost all our donated items during the season. This is a great fund-raiser for the ANC and provides a very nice recycling opportunity to the community as well. Thank you for your generosity and hope to see you again this year.