Introducing The New ANC Website

Welcome to the new website of the Art and Nature Center. We hope you will find it a great resource on the ANC and what it has to offer. Here’s a little tour of what we’ve been working on.


Our HOME page will guide you to exactly what you are looking for. Are you researching your trip to the Island and want to visit us? Want to sign your kids up for a class?  This is the place to start. The bottom is where the latest blog posts are and a sneak peak at some of the featured works.


Did you know that from 1904 to 1964, the building housing the ANC was a schoolhouse? If you want to learn more, check out the ABOUT page.  Are you interested in joining or you'd just like to donate? Our membership page will soon have a Paypal button so you can donate online. If you are looking to make some summer plans, check out the links under the EVENTStab. Not only is our blog located there, but special pages for classes, calendar and photos and info about past and upcoming shows.

We have a special link to our membership page with our DONATE button.  We are so grateful to our community and beyond for all your memberships, donations and volunteers. We really appreciate your continued support.


You’ve probably noticed that on most of the pages, we have a list of the latest tweets. Yes, we are on Twitter! (@the_wianc) This is a great way to update you on our latest events, news, etc. and you can see it all without leaving our site. Our photo gallery images will always be changing because we have linked them up to our photo-sharing site, Flickr. Oh, and we can’t leave this train until we mention our Facebook page as well. We think this is a fabulous place to share photos, info on events, and see what you all have to say and we look forward to seeing you there. (

If you are planning your trip and need a map, check out the CONTACT page. And if you have any questions, please use our contact form. We’d love to hear from you! If you have any comments on our new site or the ANC, feel free to leave them below.

See you soon!