Linking Art Forms, Painting, Glass and Jewelry with Jeanne Cauldwell

Linking Art Forms, Painting, Glass and Jewelry with Jeanne CauldwellIMG_0590


Growing up Jeanne Cauldwell was always interested in creating. She learned to sew, crochet, English smock, cross stitch, and to needlepoint and decoupage. Much of this she learned from her Grandmother. While working as a flight attendant, she often had several projects she was working on. After retiring from Delta Air Lines 10 years ago, she wanted to explore new ways to express herself.


Her art forms now include Painting, Jewelry making and fused glass.

Her paintings are mostly in oil. But, she has also has work in watercolor. She first started painting here on the Island by taking classes with Lorna Cornell and then with Rodger Bechtold.

Most of her paintings are set here on the island. Spending part of the day outside painting is a real joy.


In relation to jewelry, Jeanne has had jewelry at the Art and nature Center for several years. But has recently concentrated on working with leather for bracelets and necklaces. The organic nature of the leather makes it fun to work with as wellbeing beautiful and comfortable to wear.

In addition, she is glass artist. Jeanne began working with glass about 4 years ago after taking a class in making fused glass pendants for jewelry. She was immediately hooked. The properties of glass make it very interesting work. Glass is a fairly sensitive medium that can be manipulated depending how the kiln is programed. She makes fused glass night lights and glass bowls and platters in addition to making glass pendant necklaces.

New and different art pieces will be introduced at the reception.


Jeanne is a seasonal resident. She and her husband, Malcolm, live in Knoxville, TN when not living on the Island.  Her show, “ Linking Art Forms, Painting, Glass and Jewelry with Jeanne Cauldwell,” will be on display July 10-August 6. A reception for her show will be held Thursday, July 14, at 4:30 at the Art and Nature Center