2019 Shows

Opening Exhibit June 10-July 20  The Fabric of Our Lives:  Featuring the Art of Astrid Stromberg

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I celebrate reusing. Call me a recycler. I call it 'Painting With Fabric'.
Framed fabric is my material of choice to create a work of art; just as oils, water colors, and pastels are to other artists. I work with fabric for its challenge. Fabric of different weight and feel begins the design puzzle that needs to be married together into the chosen frame. All material is cut free-hand until a shape takes form into the design that has been already determined by my mind's eye. I often try to capture a visualization of music heard, a poem, a quote or Washington Island's magical moments; all of these can be my inspiration.
My 'how-to-begin' has been self-taught. I make no attempt to portray objects or locations with total realism. Instead, I 'paint' with suggestive shapes, color, and pattern. To create an art piece with repurposed frames usually means the frame will 'speak' to me first; imagination will then lend me a helping hand as to what comes next.

Copious amount of fabric remnants and salvaged frames await to be celebrated in their reuse. Inspiration will come.  It will then be painted with fabric!

Opening Night


Fishing for the Pearl

Fishing for the Pearl.jpg

Journey to Washington Island

Journey to WI.jpg

Homage to the Tree Spirit

Homage to the Tree Spirit.jpg

Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing.jpg

The Night Knows

The night knows.jpg