2019 dates are May 17-19

Registration to open after January 1, 2019


May 18th - May 20th, 2018

To our birding friends:

It is our goal to provide you with a great birding experience on the islands of Washington, Plum and Rock.

We urge you to make your lodging reservations as soon as possible as it can be tight this time of year. A list of open hotels, motels, inns, campground, etc. along with a list of open restaurants and the ferry schedule is available on the Washington Island Chamber of Commerce website: www.washingtonisland.com

The festival will be limited in size. We will accept 60 registrations and maintain a list in case of cancellations.

Check-in for the festival will be manned all day Friday and Saturday in the Rutledge room at the Community Center on Main Road. You may also check in at the Washington Hotel Friday evening. Those arriving late Friday night can check in at the Rutledge Room early Saturday morning.

We will do our best to stick to this schedule. Birding on the Islands goes rain or shine. You might also want to bring a scope if you have one, a chair for the big sits, insect repellent and of course, your binoculars. Please also be aware of the danger of ticks in some of the habitats you will be visiting. Proper clothing is a must. You might also want to bring some snacks to take with you on the birding outings.

Our boat trips to Rock and Plum Islands are weather and wind dependent. If you don’t wish to join us on these excursions there will be alternative opportunities to bird on Washington Island. If the weather/wind/waves prevent us from taking our boat trips we will also offer alternate birding activities.

If you have any questions that are not covered in this registration material please contact Chari Rutledge at 920-847-2240 or chari@therutledges.com

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Washington Islands Birding Festival!!!

Sponsored by: The Art & Nature Center, U.S Fish & Wildlife, The Washington Island Ferry Line

Washington Island has been designated a “Bird City”.


Friday AM,  May 18th

8:00 to 3:30   Check-in and Dispatch Office open. Coffee, juice &  breakfast bars Main Road - Rutledge Room at the Community Center.  (See Signage on road.)                                                  
8:30 to 11:30   Bird Banding & Birding on Washington Island - Banding at Potato Dock
Lunch Lunch on your own - A list of open restaurants will be in your check-in packet.

Friday PM

1:00   Reassemble at Rutledge Room Parking Lot
1:00 to 4:00   Birding Opportunities Leave from Rutledge Room parking lot
4:30 to 6:00   Wine & appetizers and check-in Hotel Washington - 354 Range Line Road
6:30   Dinner on your own A list of open restaurants will be in your check-in packet.

Saturday AM,  May 19th

5:30 to 4:00   Check-in & Dispatch Office open - Rutledge Room - coffee, juice &  breakfast bars
6:40 a.m.   Carpool to dock for Plum trip - From Rutledge Room parking lot to launch area - Park behind the Welcome Center
7:00   Boat Leaves at 7:00 SHARP! From the Island Clipper dock
7:00 to 12:00   Birding and Banding on Plum Island
12:00   Boat Leaves Plum at 12:00 SHARP! From the Plum Island Dock
7:00 to 12:00   Washington Island birding for those Leave from the Rutledge Room parking lot not going to Plum Island - Unguided groups 

Saturday PM
12:30 to 2:30   Lunch on your own A list of open restaurants will be in your check-in packet.
2:30   Reassemble Rutledge Room parking lot
2:30 to 4:00   Birding on Washington Island small groups to various habitats
5:30   Dinner Nelson’s Hall (optional)
7:00   Program by Sara Warner Trueblood Performing Arts Center - Warbler Program & slide show   and Hunters of the Sky Raptor Program by Open Door Bird Sanctuary

Sunday AM  

6:30   Meet at Jackson Harbor State Dock
7:00   Boat to Rock Island departs Karfi
7:15 to 12:00   Bird Rock Island Banding & Small groups to various habitats
7:00 to 12:00   Birding on Washington Island for Big sits, group or single birding, on your own those not going to Rock Island
Afternoon options:   Big sits & birding on Washington Island on your own

Registration is closed.