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"Art on Bark" featuring original images by Jewel Lee Grandy created by woodburning onto birch bark.

Jewel Lee Grandy grew up on Washington Island and attended school in the building that now is the Art and Nature Center.  She is not formally trained in the field of art, but has taken art related classes over the years, just for fun and experimentation.  Jewel Lee and her husband Chuck lived off the Island during their career years, but she always returned in the summers to be a part of the family business at Sunset Resort.

Art on Bark came about after they finished their retirement home here on the Island in 2011.  As Jewel Lee discovered, “Many birch trees had fallen in our woods and I never realized how beautiful the layers of bark were until I began separating them.  They were beautiful enough to frame just as they were, but then I started to burn and shade some areas with a wood burning tool.  Each piece of bark is different in color and texture, and that is what ultimately dictates the final result. This process has been a rewarding one from woods to wall.”

Join us for a reception on Thursdayj, July 19 at 4:30 to view the show and meet the artist. 


Art on Bark-1.jpeg
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